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Jocson Physical Therapy & Training is a hybrid physical therapy and personal training practice located in Clermont, Florida. It is the expression of the Living Dream of Michael Jocson from his many years of experience working both as a physical therapist and personal trainer since 1996. Early in his career, Michael observed the majority of his physical therapy patients experienced greater positive results as their general physical fitness improved; and even before he became a physical therapist, he observed many people who exercise and/or lift weights would eventually experience some form of non-contact injuries or pain symptoms.....from their training. Ironically, in the conventional physical therapy world, the benefits of physical fitness is understood and yet rarely executed effectively with basic strength & conditioning principles as applied to physical rehabilitation significantly lacking. And on the other end of the spectrum, many within the fitness profession have a basic idea on how to "not hurt" their Clients, and yet many lack an understanding of basic rehabilitation principles such as the effect of load, volume, frequency, form/technique, recovery, functional anatomy, and neuromuscular patterning on soft tissue tolerance and capacity. So thus was born the JOCSON TREAT & TRAIN PROGRAM, which is a bridge of the best of both worlds of Physical Therapy and Training.

Since moving to Clermont, Florida from New York City in 2021, Michael is Creating a new practice with an emphasis on "top shelf", high quality care, empowering each Patient and Client with the Potential of being their own best "Therapist & Trainer" where he addresses the whole individual rather than the localized physical symptom.


Hunter College

BA, Human Movement Studies


SUNY Downstate

BS, Physical Therapy


Touro College

MS, Clinical Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy


ABPTS - American Physical Therapy Association

OCS, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist


University of Bridgeport

MS, Human Nutrition


CHEK Institute

Level IV, CHEK Practitioner


Four Winds Society - Healing the Light Body School

Full Mesa Carrier, Energy Medicine


Applied Integration Consulting

AIC Masters Fellowship Program

Spring, 2022

Oxygen Research Institute Ltd.

Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor

Fall, 2023

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