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Physical Therapy

We offer "one Patient at a time" physical therapy care, which means all of our attention will be on you, your condition, and achieving whatever goals we establish during your initial session. Our approach at Jocson Physical Therapy & Training is simple: upon Listening to your history, discovering where you currently are, and how it relates to your present symptoms, together we explore the possibilities of various strategies to 1) Create balance within your neuromusculoskeletal system, 2) Enhance your capacity to tolerate excess load & stress, and 3) Ultimately, Teach you to become your own best Therapist. The underlying template driving your individualized physical therapy program is to establish greater resiliency and pliability of your Body and to prepare you for the chaotic and unpredictable demands of Life. This is why our physical therapy program has a greater bias towards transitioning from the physical rehabilitation phase to a Training (Strength & Conditioning) program.


Personal Training

Whether you are new to exercise or have plenty of experience with it, our personal training service is individualized to you, to how you habitually hold yourself upright against gravity, to how you move, and to help you enhance your capacity to "Play", where "Play" is the physical and mental state that allows you to move more freely, performing activities you truly enjoy. The foundation of the personal training service are the fundamentals of our physical therapy program, which are the Understanding of one's Relationship with Gravity, the Ground, the Space we navigate through and the primal Human movement patterning of forward locomotion. Aside from one-on-one personal training, we also offer small group personal training for groups of 2-5 Clients.


Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

As an extension of our one-on-one physical therapy and personal training services, as well as being a more affordable option, we now offer outdoor group classes as an alternative gateway into our practice community. Being consistent with our theme of “teaching you to be your own best THERAPIST & TRAINER”, these classes are more than just a way to “exercise and get fit”. They are an education in expressing the innate owner’s manual of your Body with regards to movement and as the classic (and yet always relevant) saying goes “USE IT OR LOSE IT”. The first class we are offering is the Restorative Breath & Movement class, which can be considered a ”beginner’s level” class, but can be beneficial for any level of fitness in that it addresses recovery/restoration of one’s structure and function through manipulation of the breath and movement. We also offer beginner’s yoga classes as well.


Body Tempering

Body Tempering is a physical preparation, as well as a recovery modality, developed by World Record setting powerlifter, Donnie Thompson, who was also the first Human Being to ever total 3000lbs in a regulated powerlifting meet. It consists of using weighted metal rollers that are skillfully applied to the soft tissues and helps create through neuromodulation, preparatory and/or restorative effects to prepare one for their workouts as well as recovery from them.

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