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Recommended Home Gym Equipment for Remote Training

For the past couple of years, I’ve discovered the power of remote training where Patients and Clients, after a thorough initial evaluation, were able to achieve significant results with consistency and dedication to their individualized programs. Remote training blended well into my practice considering my basic tenet is to Teach Others to be their own best Therapist & Trainer. Since I’ve worked with kids active in sports, their parents would often ask what kind of home exercise equipment would I recommend to facilitate their kid’s remote training. So here is a list with links to purchase basic home exercise equipment that I’ve found meet my requirements for getting the “most bang for the buck”; I generally don’t recommend the cheaper, “gimmicky” equipment that generally ends up breaking eventually. Full disclosure: These are affiliate links, so I will be getting somewhat of a cut for any of these products purchased via the link. Thank You for helping a small business out…

PowerBlocks Adjustable Dumbbells – With just one pair of dumbbells, this set adjusts from 5-50lbs and is expandable to 70lbs and 90lbs. I highly recommend this for just about every household. I've had my 90lbs set for over 25 years....

Another option to adjustable dumbbells for those that want to spend a little bit more and want a rack to place them on is the MX55 set that goes from 10-55lbs

Parallette Bars – These are cheap and highly effective for bodyweight exercises.

Squat Wedge – These wedges are used for adding variability to squats, split squats, and bending movement patterns. Many of us lack the variability to squat deeply and these wedges allow one to get there.

Adjustable Bench – Although not a must on my list, a bench that can adjust from a flat position to an incline as well as a decline can add a lot of variety to your training sessions.

Doorway Pull-up Bar - Pull-ups are an incredible exercise where you get “more bang for your buck”. And even if you can’t do one, this bar allows you to vary positions in order to get you there.

Honorable Mentions (not necessary, but welcomed possible additions)

Suspension Trainer – I usually recommend the more budget friendly versions such as this one here:

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