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The Jocson Physical Therapy & Training Blog: Un Poquito De Todo

Welcome to our blog that will offer "a little bit of everything" related to Health, Wellness, Fitness/Exercise, Physical Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Healthspan, Longevity, Food, and perhaps even, Coffee...

Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Michael Jocson and I am the owner of Jocson Physical Therapy & Training, located in Downtown Clermont, Florida, right off of HWY 50, and on 4th St. We are a small business, independently-owned, commercial property owners, and literally a "Mom & Pop" practice, where we offer unique hybrid services of physical therapy and personal training, with a bit of group fitness classes thrown into the mix. Our emphasis that separates us from other similar businesses is: WE TEACH YOU TO BE YOUR OWN BEST THERAPIST AND TRAINER.

We have one simple question for you:

Why wait until you experience pain and/or have an injury to go to physical therapy? Why not today? Why not right NOW?

This blog is for our current Patients and Clients, as well as for anyone who may be interested in our services.

"What's that logo above all about?"

Aside from my brand logo with the eagle lifting a barbell, the above is my "B-side" logo depicting a symbol of an eagle (or a dragon, depending on who's interpreting it) emerged into a "lemniscate", or infinity sign (or just simply, a horizontal figure-8). I've been formally studying Human Movement (that was actually my first undergraduate degree from Hunter College, NY, Human Movement Studies) since 1989, and the lemniscate is perhaps the "perfect" description of not just how Humans move, but perhaps, Life itself. And the Eagle represents flight, elevation, rising above, the capacity to see the bigger picture, etc. And I guess I chose these logos because they somehow describe what it is I do without having to actually "explain" what it is I actually do.


Please enjoy the rest of this blog and be on the look out for future postings.

And if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and let us help you learn how to move without pain, move more freely and with confidence, and to help you get back to the activities you enjoy doing the most.

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